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2015 Foals.


Southmoor Kion, Chestnut and white colt foal. SOLD

Grey coloured filly foal. SOLD

Southmoor Pocket Rocket, Black colt foal SOLD

Southmoor Ludo, Coloured spotty colt foal. SOLD

Southmoor Giselle, Chestnut and white filly foal. SOLD

Southmoor Pheonix, Blue roan colt foal. SOLD

Southmoor Storm, Grey/bay coloured colt. SOLD

Grey coloured filly foal. SOLD

Southmoor Tigley, Grey gelding. SOLD

Southmoor Ronald. Spotted yearling colt. SOLD

Southmoor Striker, Yearling black and white colt. SOLD

Southmoor Beanie, bay and white filly foal. SOLD

Southmoor Rockafella, grey weanling colt. SOLD

Southmoor Diamond. Bay weanling colt. SOLD

Southmoor Kittiwake, bay and white weanling filly. SOLD

Southmoor Willow, bay and white weanling filly. SOLD

Southmoor Biscuit, chestnut and white weanling colt. SOLD

Southmoor Merrivale, Dun weanling colt, now SOLD to Germany!

Southmoor Miss Molly, Chestnut yearling filly. SOLD

Southmoor Nutcracker, chestnut and white weanling colt foal, here now and just started work, a lovely lovely boy who would make a childs pony, lovely markings, will be very flashy when he sheds out,m definately a diamond in nthe rough!! £80

Southmoor Olaf, black colt foal. SOLD

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