What do we do


Here are South Moor Ponies that have been here at various times since leaving the moor, we have the ponies come here right after the Drifts, they come from several areas so this is spread over a few months, we let them settle in for the night and have the vet come the next day to Microchip them, do the passports then we worm them, spot on and put a head collar on, please check our videos of how we do the various bits. We then let them rest for a couple of days, having them in at night and out by day, in an enclosed yard area where they can see everything that goes on, they learn so quickly, we have found keeping them busy helps them to learn even faster.

Our main focus then is on getting the ponies as handled as their new owners want them, whether it being just leading, or just having a headcollar on or getting them ready for a show, plaiting, wearing a onesie! being trimmed. We try and come up with all sorts of ideas to help them on their way and its also a very good test of their temprement. We do push the boundries because at some time in their life they will experience this and we like to see how  they will react and what we can do to make it easier for them to learn. I have to say though the ponies we have had have continually surprised us, not only with their work ethic but there ability to fit into the many situations they face!