Before and Afters.


I think one of the most amazing things about having a Hill Pony is the transformations that take place, and finding out what you have under all of that fluff!! We try and make sure every pony we offer is as correct and healthy as any other, if they are to go on and have a busy life doing all sorts of things this is so important. Conformational defects and general conformation can decide what a pony can do and whether it will have a long happy life doing so. Anyone is welcome to visit the ponies at anytime but more often than not they are sold unseen, so its our job to make sure what comes off the lorry is what you thought went on!! It does take a good  eye to see through some of these ponies but thats all part of the fun, they come in all different sizes and builds its just working out which one will suit their new person :)

Here are some of the transformations we have seen so far!!