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These ponies are the result of 40 years of breeding on Dartmoor, we offer a select few ponies suitable for a variety of disciplines, they are born on the moor and  drifted  in the Autumn, weaned and come straight here for chipping, passporting, worming and de lousing. We then halter break and continue their education depending on what their new owners would like, but not before they have all be temperment tested as best we can. We see how much they react to pressure  or new situations, what they think of children, how patient they are and how big they might make. Some will make fantastic competition ponies,  childrens ponies and some will just enjoy an easy life :) we try our hardest to match the ponies to the home, which now includes the length of Britain, Germany and now Holland.

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                  Last updated on July 5th 2017

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